Deena Levy Theatre Studio

Teaching actors to "unlock the secrets" since 1990"

Statement of Purpose

“To be in this class it has to be your pleasure to work very hard. To be thorough, as if on a burning quest to learn, only because you have no choice.”

The Deena Levy Theatre Studio is dedicated to the belief that acting is a gutsy journey that evolves into a craft and culminates as an art. The Studio, while fully supporting the reality that the actor must pursue a career, is committed to training the student with a very solid and defined approach in mastering the tools that he/she can depend on. The environment is highly supportive and creative, the standard is unquestionably high. Through a delicate integration of many techniques, Deena has developed a revolutionary approach to the teaching of acting. Stanislavski says, “The person you truly are is a thousand times more interesting than any character you could ever portray.” The student is invited to purely explore the full gamut of being human through the scenes that are specifically chosen for them. You will become a great processor- a scrupulous investigator of detail, as you discover your own very unique voice in the character, becoming highly skilled at recognizing your way in.

Integrated with the knowledge and ability to craft and execute technique “not as an end unto itself” (says Meisner) “but as a means to an end,” the actor achieves balance. Through the pursuit of excellence in class the actor finds himself a finely tuned instrument – spontaneous, fully alive, deeply courageous, and committed, creating multifaceted characters rich with emotion, entrenched in the creative process, and hitting the marks – simply and truthfully. This gives the kind of authenticity to a performance that is both vulnerable and entertaining, and an audience experiences ‘the permission’ to be human.

Ultimately, the goal is that when you walk into an audition the director is able to recognize, “that actor knows what they’re doing.”