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Please enjoy viewing two scenes from the second of 3 showcases, THE GOODNESS (an evening of scenes with a theme) Spring 2014.

If the Shoe Fits, starring Kevin Lugo (Hollomon) and Jared P. Smith ( Lawrence).
Stay tuned as i will be showing scenes from all the showcases throughout the next few months.

Lion on the Streets starring Miranda McCauley (Scarlett) and Dana Boll (Christine).

Highlights from an Acting Intensive at York University in Toronto on
November 22, 2013.

Successful Actors Talk About Their Training

By David Sheward with Kim Dickens about Deena Levy in Backstage

“But my last work in a class environment was with Deena, who is a wonderful teacher. She’s passionate, she’s soulful, she’s artful and incredibly experienced and talented, and she’s fun. She’s a warm person, and she created this really safe place to explore. But she also had a wonderful technique and a process. You would work on a scene for six weeks. For the first three weeks, you don’t memorize it. You do a lot of process work with the text before memorizing it.”

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Drama in the Classroom

By Dawn Ruth about Deena Levy in

“Levy normally coaches students at her theatre studio in New York, where she typically takes in 10 actors at a time. She takes an upbeat approach to the craft that focuses on building self-confidence and reducing stage fright. ‘I believe that the individual must approach the challenges of learning the craft of acting with the recognition that he or she is already successful…’ “

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The Technique of Process

By Deena Levy in Backstage

“What inspires you? What blocks you? What rocks you? What delights and repels you? How do you travel from seeking approval to that (non-chair-throwing) good kind of anger to sincerity, and then to your best possible performance?”

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Can a Musical Theater Actor Learn from a Non–Musical Theater Coach?

By Deena Levy in Backstage

“I have witnessed some extraordinary musical theater acting, and I have found that almost every musical theater actor I have taught comes into my studio in some variation of the same rut: They overact. Many are stuck in a rhythm of “comin’ up with the goods,” fixated on the result of the performance. There’s gotta be something better than this (to quote “Sweet Charity”). I call it breaking the code.”

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Approaching a Role with an Accent

By Deena Levy in Backstage

“You must endeavor to come to life through the accent, breathing character, extending toward a multidimensional living energy that actually flows from the gift of the accent itself…”

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Address to the McCann Erickson Advertising Team

By Deena Levy in McCann Erickson

“As brilliant as the revolution of technology has exploded thru the universe with endless possibilities. It also threatens to de-socialize and alienate the dynamic of “us” of human interaction. We have become competitive, stiff and manufactured, unfulfilled, habitual, addicted, fearful of losing our jobs, losing our life force. Losing that connectedness to our natural open selves.”

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