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Authentic Leadership

Deena Levy Theatre Studio presents creative acting workshops for businesses.

“One of the greatest experiences in my entire curious life.”
Jim Elms, Global CEO/Initiative

“This workshop is the anti-stupid vaccination.”
Todd Pruzan, Editorial Director/Ogilvy and Mather

The vision for this work is to build a stronger, more connected ensemble of co-workers; a group of individuals who have the opportunity to flesh out, discover, and advance to a whole other level of self-expression, originality, and passion for what they do. Whether the business involves presenting, public speaking, selling, etc., there is always a braver and more creative way to tell the story, illuminate the vision, or simply communicate with associates, clients, and colleagues better. DLTS has worked with numerous professionals from a vast array of professions: ad people, creative directors, writers, planners, lawyers, bankers, strategists, doctors, engineers, personal coaches, corporate secretaries, UN workers, accountants, firefighters, and the list goes on…

A workshop is designed to provide great value through the “experience of doing.” Each individual is invited to break-thru constrictions and habitual negative thinking – to become “unstuck” where necessary. Leaps of faith are at the helm of this work. The exercises are exhilarating, challenging, at times “heart opening,” and great fun. Like the artistic part of any creative endeavor, the outcome for each will be different, personal, and gratifying.

Your workshop will be designed based on the needs and goals of your business. A workshop could range from 2 hours to an entire week or broken down into sessions over a period of time. Please call 212-340-1084 for a consultation.

Select clients:

Global Leadership Conference in Budapest, Hungary, and workshops in NYC, in collaboration with Michael Baldwin.
Initiative global CEO Jim Elms talks about DLTS Workshop

Ontario College of Art, PhD program in Advertising

Designed workshops as part of the Swim creative leadership program (Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk):
Refinery 29 (NYC)
Ogilvy & Mather (New York and Chicago) 15+ workshops
McCann Erickson, (NYC)
DDB (Toronto)
The Martin Agency (Richmond Virginia)
John St. (Toronto)

Click to view Deena’s address to the McCann Erickson Advertising Team in 2011

Below is a list of some of the acting exercises (detailed descriptions available)

-CHAIR WORK (Being authentic)
-I LIKE YOU / I LOVE YOU (Effective communication: the power of not being afraid of intimacy)
-“WHAT WORKS ABOUT YOU” BLAST (Give ‘em the love. Re-boot)
-IMPROVISATION (The art of conflict)
-MOVEMENT (Developing instinct and trusting impulses)
-SINGLE IMPULSE STORYTELLING (Bravery, imagination, and humor without hesitation)

“The person you truly are is a thousand times more interesting than any character you could ever portray.” – Constantin Stanislavski


“It was one of the most illuminating experiences in my life. Deena takes you on a journey of self-discovery, harnessing the very identity of your person and transmitting that essence into voice and movement that you didn’t even think was possible. As a non-actor and working business professional, I learned more about human behavior, motivations, empathy, and communication than acting per se. She takes the broadest perspective of performance and helps to incorporate that into your repertoire of dealing with people. In an intense business world where you have to pitch and sell ideas, things, and often yourself, this workshop arms you with the tools of self confidence, self understanding, audience control, and energy control that elevates you to the next level of personal and professional achievement. Deena pushes you mentally, emotionally, intellectually to expand your presence and your ability to communicate with the world.”

-Alnoor Lahda, Director of planning/ “PURPOSE,” an agency that creates 21st century movements for social causes and progressive brands

“I was the only non-actor in the class. Very scary. I remember having to tell a perfect stranger countless times in countless ways that I loved him. I had to find some experience or core of truth in myself and use it as a springboard for a story I was telling. The situation was false; the feelings weren’t. That’s what Deena does. She teaches you that there isn’t a right way to perform. Nor a wrong way. There is only your way. And if you find that, you can develop and learn without compromising yourself.”

-Janet Kestin, Co-Founder of SWIM program

“Everything that is important to me in business I found at the Deena Levy Theatre Studio. She helped some of the quieter members of my team find their voice. We learned different ways to understand our characters which to us became new ways to build empathy. We took risks and jumped out of our comfort zones because Deena gives you the permission to push. Next year we’ll be sending more of our team to Deena Levy. We’re all stronger for the experience.”

-Paul Barnett, CEO/Now What (Creative strategy house/NYC & Boulder, CO)

Professional relaxation becomes natural. NO MORE APOLOGIES FOR WHO YOU ARE.